Technical Advantages

MSP Potato Starch is a superior grade native potato starch produced from potatoes grown and processed in North America. Manitoba Starch Products maintains tight control of our raw material supply and manufacturing process. We are HACCP Certified and Kosher Certified. It is manufactured from potatoes grown in Canada and from starch extracted at Canadian potato processing facilities. MSP Potato Starch is uniquely suited for excellent functionality in a variety of applications.  It has the highest viscosity of any starch product due its granular structure. Stringent quality control ensures consistent viscosity levels.  Additionally, MSP Potato Starch is a naturally gluten-free binder and expander, creating a moist and open texture. Formulators appreciate the bland flavor and odor of MSP Potato Starch, which is a result of low protein and lipid levels in the starch. Pure, unmodified potato starch has been used for centuries as a thickener in foods. More recently, it has been added to prevent caking, improve filtration, manage moisture in meats and baked goods and improve texture of gluten-free foods.

Potato Starch Chemistry

Did you know...  Potato starch is unlike any other type of starch on the market?  Its swelling power, consistency and ability to bind with water is higher than any other variety of starch.
20% amylose
80% amylopectin

Functional Properties

MSP Potato Starch exhibits the following properties:
  • - Highest Viscosity of commonly used starches
  • - High Water Binding
  • - No Off-flavors or Odors
  • - Gels to a Firm Texture
  • - Creates a Clear Solution & Gel
  • - Gluten-Free

More Potato Starch Chemistry

Starch extracted from potatoes has a unique granular structure. The granules are the largest of any commonly used starch, ranging in size from 10-100 µm with an average of approximately 45 µm. As a result, the swelling power, viscosity and water binding characteristics are higher for potato starch than for other starch varieties. Potato starch averages 20% amylose and 80% amylopectin, contributing to firm texture upon cooling and a long body and translucent appearance in the finished food product. Potato starch is gluten-free and very low in protein and lipid content. Proteins and lipids are the primary contributing factors for flavor and odor in starch; therefore, potato starch is low in flavor and odor content compared to other starches.


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