Potato starch serves as a replacer for wheat flour or cornstarch in gluten-free products. It provides viscosity for creating good texture in baked goods. Potato starch cooks at a lower temperature than cornstarch, binds more water and has higher viscosity. Further, due to the lack of proteins and lipids, potato starch has less flavor interference. Inclusion of potato starch in gluten-free applications provides a highly functional flour replacer.

Potato starch can be blended with tapioca starch and rice starch for optimum texture across a variety of gluten-free applications. Use of this product has been widely accepted by gluten-free formulators and chefs for decades – both in home and at food manufacturing facilities.

MSP Potato Starch is manufactured in a facility which does not contain any cross-contaminates or allergens.

Savory Dry Blends

Texture and flavor delivery are improved through the inclusion of MSP Potato Starch in savory dry blends. MSP Potato Starch provides high viscosity and increases yield in whole meat, emulsified and formed meats. Viscosity in blending helps to evenly distribute flavors throughout the meat mixture. Potato starches low gelatinization temperature provides optimum cooking and viscosity building in meat applications. Additionally, the clean flavor profile and label declaration help to create more natural, more flavorful products.

Baked Goods and Dry Blends

MSP Potato starch is preferred in baked goods to manage moisture and create a soft finished product texture. Its bland flavor and odor characteristics make it ideal for milder flavored products where flavor interference can create issues for developers. Additionally, MSP Potato Starch is gluten-free which makes it an excellent replacement for wheat flour and cornstarch in gluten-free applications.

Soups, Sauces & Gravies

MSP Potato Starch is preferred over other starch varieties for building viscosity and creating a thick mouth-feel in formulations for savory soups, sauces and gravies. Potato starch gels are transparent upon cooling, therefore, contributing to the appearance of clear sauces. MSP Potato Starch is free from off flavors and odors, allowing the intended flavor of the food to come through.

Noodles & Extruded Snacks

Inclusion of MSP Potato Starch in glass noodles contributes to a smooth, transparent appearance and firm, elastic texture. Potato starch is commonly used to replace mung bean starch due to the availability of potato starch.

Potato starches are also used in rice noodles as a replacement for rice flour. Due to its high water binding capacity and translucent appearance, potato starch contributes to a firm mouth feel and smooth appearance.

MSP Potato Starch’s high degree of expansion creates open, crispy texture in extruded and fried snack foods. Additionally, it is gluten-free and does not contribute to the flavor and odor of the finished product.


Potato starch adds a light crispiness when used in batter applications. It is flavorless and odorless so doesn’t interfere with the intended flavor of the food.

Asian Food Service

Potato Starch is the highest quality starch available for use by Asian restaurants and food manufacturers. Potato starch builds stable viscosity in sauces, crisp texture in coatings, and firm texture in noodles.