MSP[RS] aids in digestive health and drying by application of the product in the farrowing crate. Proper usage of the product supports the development of healthy gut microflora and creates a gut environment that allows the animal to develop natural disease resistance.

Nursery Feed

MSP[RS] can be incorporated into feed rations or used as a top dressing. Its properties as a dietary fiber promote fermentation in the large colon resulting in improved gut health.

Research Study – Nursery Feed

Research conducted by the University of Manitoba using MSP[RS] Resistant Starch demonstrates improved pig performance when MSP[RS] is included in nursery rations. A summary of the report, titled "Effect of supplemental diet containing MSP[RS] Resistant Starch on weaned pig performance, fecal consistency and gastrointestinal tract characteristics" can be viewed via the following link.

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The information presented is intended to be general in nature, reflecting commonly known and accepted scientific research and principles, and is not intended to represent any specific claims as to performance or benefit of the product.